por | 22 May 2020

En la Playlist de este mes:

The Magic Gang, Pleasure Heads, Chncer, Nick Cave, Dylan Cartlidge, The Weeks, Fat White Family, The Cheap Thrills, The Revivalists, The Killers, The Jackobins, Cobain Jones, The Notions, Say Hi, Fuzzy Sun, Vansleep, Love Fame Tragedy, Syfta, Louis Berry, Wilderado, Shader, The Crooks, The Assist, Latenight Honeymoon, The Vapors, Pete Yorn, Tom Lord-Alge, Jimmy Eat World, Bethany Cosentino, The Ninth Wave, Mumford & Sons, Doves,  Cabbage, The Jack Fletcher Band, The Peach Fuzz, Reclaim Vienna, Farebrother, The Roly Mo, Skinny Living, Chappaqua Wrestling, Wilderado